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It's a nice thought, but how much different would life really be without them?

Then again, they can be pretty funny...
llama cancan 

...and adorable...
Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] 

Do people still poke on Facebook too? Turbo poke
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Firstly, a big giant hug to my new dA watchers. I feel the time has come for me to start doing some proper anthro artwork, except I've come across a bit of crunch time. Here's my situation...

For those who are unaware, the BBC have established three major charities; Children In Need, Comic Relief and Sport Relief. I've been training for in the past couple of weeks for a sponsored 3-mile run in aid of Sport Relief 2012 on the 25th of March the City of Nottingham. I would like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone would like to donate, you can visit my sponsorship page at Any amount of sponsorship would be fantastic. I might find something silly to wear on my run if we reach our target.

This friday I have my next DJ performance alongside Unit Cell once more, and this one's gonna be just as tough work for me as our last gig in December. Unit Cell's music involves a lot of rather slick glitch remixes that I need to somehow match. I'll also try and film a bit of our show if I can.

Click here for the Facebook event

There's a lot of promo video work for Confetti ICT and Zone 3 in need of completion, and I have some MissImp shows coming up to help out with.

...No need to worry, I'll be fine :blush:
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...Oh yeah! I was supposed to tell you of the improv show we did with the wonderful Missimp crew as part of the Nottingham Light Night. We played some very odd scenes, including the Peppercorn musical, and the story of Roy the Rover in the "Story, Story, Die" round, all of which were creative, fun, and what I'm hoping were engaging too.

We had a lot of great fun, the audience who turned up packed the room giving us so much laughter and applause, plus hearing the feedback both the other players and the audience members were giving on my performance made me truly happy, and I'm looking forward to perform on stage again soon hopefully.

Left to Right: Martin, David, Parky, Trilly, Geoff, Brendan, a very lanky and weirdly postured man.

This project I'm working on for the youtube channel is way overdue because of my work on the industry week promoting, but now I can finally concentrate on these Rescue Room live videos. So far I've come up with the animatic which you can find here -

Look alright? I feel design is not my strongpoint, but I'll give it a bash of course.


Me & Pete wish to make this as awesome as we can possibly make being the first time we've both played in the main room. The sound engineering is top notch, lovely decorations, and of course the music will be brillo!

Facebook Event:…
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My next live DJ gig will again be at the Maze on the 23rd of March. For this event I've been paired up with Unit Cell again, but this time we've been upgraded to play in the main room, so both of us have agreed our mix style will be more "danceable" from our Xmas gig. Aside from our online broadcasting, we won't be playing live with the Notts Collective for a while, and we MUST get as many people crammed in to this room as possible! I'll post you the flyer and facebook event as soon as they're released, in the meantime, a quick sample of my last mix with Unit Cell can be found here (see if you can point out which of our music is which) -…

If there's any other art that I should be working on, it's my trade art with :iconlizkmb:. I've had to get my local commissions out of the way. All that's left are some video edits for the Confetti ICT youtube channel which I'm aiming to get done by the end of this week.
Nottingham: The home of gun crime...and now improv! =P

Missimp are up for a bonanza of shows starting from 4 weeks and throughout October, and they've recently started up their own podcast that you can download for free on iTunes, together with a very special theme tune composed by MEEEEE!!!

These podcasts are so far about being a great improv performer. The first episode doesn't have my music on, but it's a brilliant rant about how crap these new improv TV shows are =P (The main rant starts about 28:30 in)… (Recreating TV shows is not improv :no:)… (Guessing the song is not improv :no:)

ONE: For some reason, the recording for Level 1 of CPURock got lost, but here is the link to Level 2 instead and I'll come up with a recording of my own in the meantime ->…
TWO: I failed at broadcasting my Chiptune Mix under pressure of going away on holiday, but here's a 5-min version of the mix here ->…
If you fancy hearing the full version, just let me know.
THREE: Andy Stephens is a friend of mine and fellow sound engineer who's made his own website called Record & Play, he's got stuff on the website that dwells deep into the hear of the magical world of sound engineering land! :B ->
This is just a little reminder that my new mix will be streaming tonight from 6 to 7pm GMT on, I promise you'll be in for a real treat!

Just hit either player link on the right hand column. For those who can't make it onto their computer, FPR have an iPhone app you can download HERE.
Had a brill time last night. It was a little room round the back of the club where I was enjoying the company of Animinimal and Quickdraw McGraw from the collective, and was pleased to find Missimp turned up to celebrate fellow performer, Nick Tyler's birthday!

Here's a little review from the birthday boy...

"Ah, what an awesome birthday evening. I so rarely exit the dwelling on my womb-spat day and yet tonight was a rare treat. Joy of a conversational kind a la pub followed by the surprise of a fucking awesome clubtastic experience (despite our age) which I adored. Finishing with a dismissed magician and cheerful jabbery whatnots. Now I sleep, thank you all."

I was only popping to the bar for a drink and I was passing someone getting punched in the forecourt, and so I had to quickly skedaddle!

And now the triple "A"...Awesome Announcement Alert!!!...

Next week I'm playing a Chiptune DJ set Live on! Including Daft Punk, Beck and Wheezer remixes, and my favourite picks from 8-bit peoples (​/) technoed up to 155bpm.

Here's the Facebook…

If you can't make it, there is an iphone app you can listen to the show with on the go -…

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Back from the Good Weekend Festival, which was pretty cool fun, almost good I should say really, despite receiving complaints for djing too loud and roping festival goers away from the headline acts. :P

This was the first music festival my little sister had ever been to, as was for me. I got her to perform a dubstep set and she was aaaaaaaaaawesome! :headbang:

Next up...The Maze!

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Here are a list of upcoming DJ gigs that are coming up over the next month brought to you by Foxxie Creations...

GOOD WEEKEND FESTIVAL (22nd - 23rd July)
Taking place in Hampshire, Good Weekend is a new independent festival featuring well-loved bands and DJs alongside music's newest innovators. They may have put me down as one of the bar DJs, but this is the first festival I've ever played. I'll let you know specifically when I'm playing.

THE MAZE (5th August)
Anyone who pops round at the Maze on Mansfield Road in Notts will be treated to a fun-filled night of techno, drum n bass, breaks, and old skool hip-hop. I'm apparently playing an innovative new genre of music called "warm-up" music according to the flyers. :shrug:

... "warm-up" music?!...

...I'll show them..."WARM-UP"!!! :plotting:

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Rat Form by JamesDalby Nick Tyler by JamesDalby Ant Story by JamesDalby Laptop Man by JamesDalby Chair Leaning by JamesDalby Hahahaaa by JamesDalby Grasshopper by JamesDalby Big Robot by JamesDalby The Smell of Great Art by JamesDalby
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I was about to turn 20 years old when I caught sight of and thought of giving it a try. Straight away I was introduced to many new friends...

He is the most cheerful bloke you'll ever meet! He was the first person I received a giftart from, and the first one I video conferenced with. I put on my first contest in 2007 where artists had to design an album cover for my Hypersonic EP, and in the end Windash came up with a really inspiring design. I’ve been thinking of remixing and selling it on, and with Noe’s permission can start selling.

She has been a generous supporter to me since I first joined, and since then I've been feeling really proud of seeing such a dedicated animation producer. I recently found out one of her animations was being shown at the Bang Shorts film festival at Broadway in Nottingham, and had the privilege of meeting up and watching it with her.

“Fitti” was the first time I was ever commissioned for something thanks to Scifer. The music turned out great, and I was very proud to have worked for Andy. He taught me the importance of pestering people. =P

My first uploads were very fox anthropomorphic driven, and I wasn’t the best artist on dA, but I remember coming up with all kinds of artwork, and I was very happy to see deviants like Mark to has been showing grand appreciation.

We both have the same social condition, but I've always thought of her as perfectly normal to talk to. I have to thank her too for introducing me to the Wii and Xbox 360. :D

I had been enthusiastically been following Phil's Lancaster comic before I started on, and having contributed to his comic with a character design for the final chapter, I felt most appreciated after his comment on my design when he said I was "on the same wavelength" as him.

If you're reading this Vincent, I'm making an ambient flash game for my half of that chicken little trade you created a while back, and I WILL have it done! :blush: He too has been a joy to chat with online, BUT I AM NOT..........A FISH............MURDERER!!!!!!!!

2009 marked the first time I ever to meet a dA friend in person, namely this artist. I started working at an art gallery/teabar on Station Street later that year, and one day I was working in the teabar one day when she popped round wearing her knitted deer hat and said she was Znuese. I yelled “SH**!” and ducked beneath the counter in shyness. She’s one of the sweetest, generous, and most talented people I have met, and I sincerely praise her a bright future.

I've only just recently made friends with her a few months ago, but I need to quickly thank her too for all the work she's offered me. She's turned out as a great director and a true great friend.

dA has allowed me the chance to meet people from around the world. To learn from, to work for, and to work with. There are loads of other deviants I haven't mentioned who should also deserve credit for being great pals. :hug:

I’ve not been as pencil happy as I used to be, I’m still afraid of that bleedin’ white canvas, but I ain’t gonna leave dA just yet. If I really want to be the person I want to be, I gotta do something. If anything something like this could be one of those sort-of monsters that hang around on your back that you just have to rip off and kick the living sh** out of, which I DO know I’m good at.

Here's to another 5 years :beer:
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These past couple of weeks have been extremely busy for me because of some commissions I've been working on that I'd like to tell you about...

Tracy :iconsaetje: bless her heart invited me to help her on Mind Katalyst...

Mind Katalyst Beaker Designs by Saetje

So far I've recorded all the foley and I'll be starting work on the music throughout all of this week, but that's not all I've put down on my plate...

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to pop round to London to help out the mastermind behind the Zone 3 triathlon range for some filming. Lately I've mainly been experimenting, but this week I aim to have some completed edits.

Zone 3 Teaser test:…

Sara :iconegyptianstargazer: and her Senior film 'Squirreligans' is close to being finished very soon. Over the weekend I submitted my first mix, which she seemed very satisfied with.

I'm still not happy with the mix though. Melodies are missing, and I feel like overdubbing the guitars, so that'll be on my list of things to do ready for Sara's deadline.

If anyone needs a hand with anything for audio design/recording/mixing, music composition/mixing, filming + editing, flash design/coding/animation/composition and illustration, pop me a message. I'm at a stage where I need to start making myself a living, so I may have to charge fees for my efforts, but that all depends on what workload is involved.

In other FC news...

This Friday is our special Missimp SUPREMOOOOOOOOOOOO. and this will be my first time playing with the fellas! So if you're around the Nottingham area and in need of some diaphragm twisting, we'll help to twist it even more for you! We'll be waiting over at the Hopkinsons Gallery at 8pm GMT.

Facebook event:…

I'll be playing version 2 of the CPURock saga on Thursday at 18:00 GMT. I can't promise it will be as thrillingly mixed as the first because of my laptop, but I hope the music will compensate for that, and I'll try my best to build a good playlist for your enjoyment ready to mix away.

Mum's just birthday gifted me with some more skydiving in Milton Keynes. I'll bring back videos. YAAY! :D
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We couldn't hold the Supremo show this month because of the royal wedding, so the group are holding a................royal wedding special :shrug:

...We'll make if fun though! But now we've moved the Supremo special to the end of next month on the 27th of May where we can crown our own King/Queen.

....OF IMPROV!!!!!!

(Nick Tyler made this)
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Firstly, Nick’s been really kind as to put up my little biog on the Missimp Website at…

Later this month, we’re having a one off MISSIMP SUPREMO at the Hopkinsons Gallery. It'll generally be a really really really big improv bash with lots of players battling it out improv style until the last one standing.…

I have some more really exciting stuff to tell you pretty soon, but I'll have to wait a bit to tell you. Here’s what it might sound like.
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I was just admiring the craftsmanship out of some of the new F1 cars launched recently for the new season, then I found out Kubica's accident on Sunday :tears:…

It's a shame he might miss out on the season start, but It's at least good to hear he's recovering strong.
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Not much artwork because of the busyness...

+ Selling my DVDs for our local school
+ Home Business course
+ Jobseeking
+ Polishing off Connect TV show @ Confetti
+ Preparing for my exciting new live mix!

Here's some of my recent sketches from my blog...

Scifer's Present1 by JamesDalby Scifer's Present2 by JamesDalby Tongue and Thumb by JamesDalby You Know Who You Look Like by JamesDalby King Rat by JamesDalby Rodent Occupation by JamesDalby

Something else that's been happening to me this month is that I've been having talks of possible collaborations. As well as the music video partnership with Cubit Records, there's a writer from Microwaving Ants I've partnered with on a comicbook project, in talks for a music collab and I've been accepted on board to help out :iconsaetje:'s senior year animated film.

This year I've been encouraged to travel. The last time I flew was to Greece 5 years ago and since then everyone in my family keeps popping over to Spain without me. They tell me they're away this Easter to, but what to doooo? :plotting:
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Once again, it's been a great privilege seeing all the hard work you guys have put into your craft. I failed dead artistically again this year, but all I can do is keep trying for next year, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

Compared to last year, the few things that I have achieved include the ability to use spin dry on our washing machine, I can make tasty Spaghetti Bolognese and cheese toasties =P, but more importantly, I made and met some amazing new friends more than I have made in a long time, thanks to everyone at the TAO, Confetti ICT, Missimp, Notts Collective, EM Media, and not to mention here at Deviant Art. They've added to virtually the best highlights I've had this year, and I promise never to forget about you.

A big thank you for the support you've given me this past year. Merry Christmas :holly:
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Earlier this year I popped over to London to help film the happenings of the National Youth Theatre, to what many people thought was a beekeeping convention. I was responsible for creating the bees to swarm around the buildings which you see in two shots of this film. Click on any picture and I hope you enjoy it...

<img src="…" width="435" height="272"  />

<img src="…" width="435" height="272"  />

<img src="…" width="435" height="272"  />

<img src="…" width="435" height="272"  />